someone reaches out for the large seed head of a sunflower next to red and white flowers sunflowers grow into a blue sky and through open windows someone wearing sunglasses stands next to a stone wall wildflowers grow next to a fountain with a flower shaped sculpture cows seen in a pasture through a gap in a hedge and someone in a garden paints the scene the shadow of the cameraperson holding a leaf cast against a tree and a broken sign reads smile you're came clouds in pale blue sky while a cat sits in an abandoned lot clothes hang dry on an open car door and someone leans against a telephone pole water splashes on rocks someone wearing a hood stands at river's edge someone wrapped in a blanket stands on a beach and someone else stands in the waves holding an umbrella two white cats out of focus walking towards camera someone takes a photo of a religious pamphlet let on car with their iphone two people kick a plastic sifter in the street someone points a camera at a group of people ready to go out person laughs as they sneak under a chainlink fence an old fashioned lamppost tucked into a shaped juniper hedge a break in the clouds seagull flies against a background of clouds shadow of cameraperson on the ground arches of an ornate architectural rotunda hundreds of names carved into the branches of a tree the bloom of a century plant about to open a hand placed on a large nasturtium leaf silhouette of a featureless figure because of backlighting shadow of cameraperson on the ground a very small plane very high in the sky glare of sun sparkles in water ripples sculpture of a horse's head protrudes from a building facade memorial plaque for jeff buckley in zoo in the tiger exhibit memorial plaque for jeff buckley in zoo and a little blue house with lawn soft photograph of brooklyn bridge details soft photograph of brooklyn bridge details and tour group sunshine on lake ice reeds blowing in the same direction against blue sky elongated shadow of a vase in a windowsill on wall sun shining on vase sitting in a windowsill flower in vase on lighthouse windowsill light in lighthouse shining on the brim of a person's hat and nose wave crashing on large rock on beach spiky purple flowers in front of ocean horizon rock cairn in front of ocean waves and horizon street sign reads look with eyes in place of ohs and photographer is visible in car mirror green meadow filled with purple flowers thin patchy sheet-like clouds in blue sky county fair jam and sunflower display county fair jam display and top view of different colored alpacas two horses hanging out in arena deflated country fair ride and person on beach with camera person on dunes wearing bright yellow shirt looks through binoculars photographer holds a thumbs up to block a person on dunes wearing bright yellow shirt looking through binoculars flower in vase on lighthouse windowsill light in lighthouse shining on the brim of a person's hat and nose ducks resting by the reflecting pool and the sun reflecting off of a glass pyramid a white chain hangs from a wall and a view of windows from the courtyard of a circular building four people standing in ocean equally spaced waiting for the next wave that then crashes into them two people wearing the same shorts embrace and a group of people walk in a meadow a face is drawn in beach sand and a portrait of an older woman hangs above the meat counter in a market large smooth river boulders against blue sky three people in swimwear lean against a rock posing with their hands behind their head person climbing a giant rock person standing at the top of a giant rock person rollerblading on asphalt group of people posing on small shipwrecked boat view through the heads of a crowd to a band playing on stage group of people standing on a wall to watch a band play a faded horse painting on a plank of wood leaning agains a wall sheep grazing in a pasture the back of a person's head who is wearing yellow raincoat hood antique storefront with sign above door that reads be nice or go away storefront with lots of books and sign on window reads the english book shop backside view of a group of display mannequins without arms or legs person sketching seen through plants person sketching plants hand of photographer blocking shot of elaborate building hand of photographer blocking shot of elaborate building person's hand holding a peace sign under a sign on door that reads 123 elaborate crystal light hangs from ceiling person stands in shallow sea and turns toward horizon fog at the foot of mountains back of person wearing green standing in a thick display of fake plants back of three large letter signs that make up the word gas solitary semi-truck in empty desert parking lot person in distance walking up a steep hill in empty landscape three people climbing steep hillside person crouching through a tunnel of bushes person in distance swinging on a rope into a lake desert landscape at sunset desert landscape at sunset view from lake of people recreationally jumping off of cliffs two naked people preparing to recreationally jump from a cliff into a lake person preparing to recreationally jump from a cliff into a lake light shining on volcanic rocks horse in tropical foliage person swimming underwater person wearing cap holding head in one hand orange cat resting under car covered in blue covering the word drugs scrawled into cement wooden cutout of a man in a tuxedo and red bowtie shadows of three figures striking poses on rocks sun reflecting on water between rocks large antique head phone receiver inside bowl of cereal with milk inside payphone shelter person climbing street sign column of smoke in the woods as two figures build a fire back of hooded figure's head in front of sol lewitt pyramid sculpture rock cairn on a beach