c.c. wearing a blue button up shirt over face uses text, image, performance, and sound to write poetry and studies horticulture hand-pollinating gourd blossoms at new york botanical garden.

poetry’s so common hardly anyone can find it (are.na annual, 2022), fragments three dyptichs displayed on refrigerator with magnets (magic chef gallery, 2021), yes plants do feel zine cover with title printed in purple ink (issue press, 2021), mail blog two page spread with large quote by rebecca solnit about how people aren't meant to be anything (since 2020), a soft manifesto (the creative independent, 2020), sounds nice a swirling line that forms the shape of a human ear (2020), midwinter day day text of zine starts on the cover (the creative independent pdf library, 2019), it was good cover of zine reads it was good (unzip.site, 2019), 99 black book cover with title 99 printed in bold red ink (issue press, 2018), a pious work of salvage (since 2018), watch watch with squiggle lines instead of numbers hangs on wall (2018), do plants feel monochrome photograph of a flower with text that reads do plants feel printed in purple ink (issue press, 2015), glowy bright glowing text on dark background reads glowy (2011-2014), photographs two naked people preparing to recreationally jump from a cliff into a lake (since 2008).

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