Yes Plants Do Feel a poem and sequel and answer to Do Plants Feel? Published by Issue Press. 2021. Featured in Art Book Access Television Episode 8: Nonhuman

It Was Good giving the earth back by erasing humans from the beginning. Edition of 1 printed on erasable typewriter paper, 2021

Mail Blog a free blog sent through the mail started in January 2020. (ongoing)

Midwinter Day Day Documentation of a day spent reading Midwinter Day by Bernadette Mayer. Limited edition printed on carbon-copy paper, 2020. Available for online viewing in The Creative Independent PDF Lending Library.

Do Plants Feel? A poem about the mysterious and suggestive inner life of plants. Published by Issue Press. First edition, 2015. Second edition, 2018. Purchased by MoMA Library. On exhibit in Art and life on paper at Jugendstilsenteret (Ă…lesund, Norway) June 25 - Dec 31 2021

99 features the essay A Browsing History and 99 problems about the internet. Published by Issue Press, 2018, in an edition of 300. Purchased by New York Public Library.