Can I Be An Artist Here? featured on AIGA Eye on Design, May 2021: The artist-as-self and designer-as-worker both form how I experience the world, and this identity is with me no matter where I go.

Finding Ethical Design for the Material Design blog, December 2020: I started looking at my contributions not as a set of tasks and deadlines, but as an extension of my larger social role.

A Soft Manifesto commissioned by The Creative Independent, July 2020: What does it look like to not lose as an artist?

Everyday Color Theory featured on Google Design, April 2020: The color you see is only the color you think you see.

Practice Everyday featured in The Smudge, April 2020: Art can confront big things like politics, social change, and commercialism, but the small things need confrontation, too.

I Just Need Space featured in The Smudge, July 2019: I can’t comfortably achieve the already established masculine monoculture of “success” by being emotional, sensitive, and introverted. (PDF)

A Freight Train Running Through the Middle of My Head featured in The Smudge, January 2019: Britney Spears’s first marriage lasted 55 hours which is also the average length of my migraine. (PDF)


Doscientos seis huesos written for Pete Gamlen’s “In The New Year” monthly spot in The Smudge, Spanish Issue, May 2019 (PDF)

A Funeral In My Brain featured in As of Late VOL II, February 2019

I hide inside my clothes and watch through the threads featured in Last Exit Issue One, November 2018

i lost to capitalism a long time ago featured on ÖMËGÄ by Metatron Press, October 2017.

a man on the train featured on ÖMËGÄ by Metatron Press, October 2017.