Soft Rock poem composed of three artifacts for a group show curated by Kristin Texeira, 2020

Peacefully at her home words from the obituary of my great-grandmother created for Buy Olympia’s 20-year and Land Gallery’s 10-year anniversary group show, 2019


not nothing is a work in progress.

Can I Be An Artist Here? video essay for a congregation of designers working at a big company, October 2020: If I stopped resisting the merging of my worker self and my artist self, I might be able to enjoy my whole self all the time.

Everyday Color Theory companion video for the essay “Everyday Color Theory”

Still Life Sixty one-second consecutive non-moments filmed with an iphone over the span of two years. Included in the Video Snack 7 screening at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, November 14, 2019

99 Screened with a reading and performance at Grafixx Fest 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium. Visuals and audio by Erik Carter.

Hugging dirt First documented experiment with performance, 2013