Soft Rock poem composed of three artifacts for the group show, soothe, curated by Kristin Texeira for Sugarlift, 2020

Peacefully at her home Triptych inspired by the words in the obituary of my great-grandmother, Gayle A. Belding. Created for Buy Olympia’s 20-year and Land Gallery’s 10-year anniversary group show with 200+ artists. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood, 2019

In The Beginning Removal of humans and human-created concepts from the first page of The Old Testament. Created for issue 11 (WHAT WILL EARTH LOOK LIKE WHEN THE HUMANS ARE GONE?), 2019


Can I Be An Artist Here? video essay for a visual design summit at Google, October 2020: If I stopped resisting the merging of my worker self and my artist self, I might be able to enjoy my whole self all the time.

Everyday Color Theory companion video for the essay “Everyday Color Theory”

Still Life Sixty one-second consecutive non-moments filmed with an iphone over the span of two years. Included in the Video Snack 7 screening at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, November 14, 2019

99 Screened with a reading and performance at Grafixx Fest 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium. Visuals and audio by Erik Carter.

Hugging dirt First documented experiment with performance, 2013