sometimes if i stay out too late i forget the names of the people i’m with

sometimes i like to eat pancakes with my hands

sometimes there is a softer side to me

sometimes i unfollow people on instagram because they wake up early on the weekends

sometimes snakes get loose

sometimes i wish i was a puddle

sometimes i say same and don’t even mean it

sometimes i google my password on accident

sometimes i don’t have the energy to finish my sentences

sometimes i like the caption but not the photo

sometimes you have to turn the book sideways

sometimes i pretend my eyesight is bad when i look at menus

sometimes i don’t click the links friends send me

sometimes i get limos and hearses mixed up

sometimes i share my bed with a pile of clothes

sometimes i spot a dollar bill laying on the sidewalk and just keep walking

sometimes i take a shower to avoid people and responsibility

sometimes i just don’t want to wash my hair or brush my teeth

sometimes being sad is being happy

sometimes i take a break to look at myself in the mirror

sometimes i touch my boobs to make sure they’re still there

sometimes at night i get scared

sometimes i obsess over my IQ which is average

sometimes social media makes me feel bad

sometimes i eat ice cream in bed and get it everywhere

sometimes i blame the music video for sometimes by britney spears for my low self esteem


Sometimes was exhibited in the group show, Muusic Videoo at 892 Lorimer, February 2016.