I Should Tweet That

7:48 AM
i spend my entire salary every year

8:39 AM
i wonder what dogs think about all of our devices

9:20 AM
i'm gonna email james blake and chance the rapper to be my husbands what are their emails?

12:32 PM
i wrote men in black fan fiction while the dentist was drilling, she discovered an alien was living inside of my tooth

12:34 PM
we had to call will smith and tommy lee jones in to take care of it but the alien was so nice i decided to keep it

12:35 PM
and now the alien does all the talking and i don't have to say anything anymore

2:30 PM
scanning my identity into the computer

4:56 PM
my phone is cold because i stopped holding it

5:07 PM
twitter is better than tinder, probably

7:57 PM
i wish i was selfless enough to have no posts on my instagram account

9:20 PM
i am an alien now


I Should Tweet That was commissioned by desktop magazine for The Culture of Design issue, June/July 2015.