Do Plants Feel?

A poem about the mysterious and suggestive inner life of plants and a collection of photographs from a trip to the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, CA. Published by Issue Press. First edition, 2015.

Second edition: 2018, 16 pages, 4" x 5", Risograph Orchid on 70#t French Paper Co. Construction Insulation Pink, staple bound with pink staples, edition of 400.

Available from Issue Press

Recently There has been an Increase in Rhino Thefts

A zine with photos and words from a trip to Antwerp in 2013. First edition 2013, second edition 2015.


Here Is Me

A photo conversation between Debbie Carlos (Michigan) and Cortney Cassidy (California). Exhibited at City Limits Gallery and published as a zine in 2014.