Doscientos seis huesos written for Pete Gamlen’s “In The New Year” monthly spot in The Smudge, Spanish Issue, May 2019

A Funeral In My Brain featured in As of Late VOL II, February 2019

I hide inside my clothes and watch through the threads featured in Last Exit Issue One, November 2018

Cortney's Corner Segments that appeared on Lower Grand Radio during DJ Sweatpants 60-Minute Total-Body Workout The Radio Show, Volume 1 June 2018, Volume 2 November 2018.

i lost to capitalism a long time ago featured on ÖMËGÄ by Metatron Press, October 2017.

a man on the train featured on ÖMËGÄ by Metatron Press, October 2017.

Draw Me exhibited in “Inselform” at Raum Vollreinigung in Berlin, April 2017.

Coping With Your Feelings commissioned by Blush Room, an online exhibition space, June 2016.

Sometimes exhibited at 892 Lorimer, February 2016.

I Should Tweet That commissioned by desktop magazine for The Culture of Design issue, June/July 2015.