Still Life

Sent on Sep 10, 2018

Sorry if I was a drag in the last tinyletter. I find sad things funny, and funny things sad. I laugh and I cry and they feel exactly the same to me. I wish there was a better term for "funny and sad at the same time" other than "tragicomedy" which just doesn't capture the sentiment, in my opinion. Anyway, I recently started blogging about life through book reviews, for example:

Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews (1979)

i secretly read the entire series when i was eight and this is how i learned about sex.


I'm currently watching Sex and the City for the first time. I decided to watch it after I got a chocolate chip cookie that I immediately threw away because I remembered sugar goes straight to my curves. I ended up getting it out of the trash and eating it anyway. Someone told me Miranda does the same thing in an episode, so now I'm watching the show for more relatable Miranda moments. Carrie is unbearable. Here is a list I've started about Carrie Bradshaw's capitalism, I expect to add more by the time I finish the series:

carrie bradshaw is not registered to vote

carrie bradshaw spends beyond her means

carrie bradshaw borrows money from her best friend's engagement ring

carrie bradshaw does not consider selling her shoes when money is tight

I recently came across Overlooked which is an effort by the New York Times to include obituaries for extraordinary women who never got one. I also love Feminize Your Canon, the new column in the Paris Review exploring the lives of underrated and underread female authors.

I'll end with a poem I wrote that is inspired by moments when I sit so still, I can see the pulse in my wrist:

Still Life

nothing moves except my pulses
it grosses me out

eyes pass over me, uninterested
where is the mona lisa, they demand.

i want to shed the stillness from my body
but i remain on the sofa
Slouching Towards my laptop
with another empty bag of cheesy puffs