Just going to keep doing this until I die

Sent on Sep 4, 2018

For the past few years I haven't had much luck submitting my poems and other writing for publication. In fact, I have only had one submission get through (out of many), but right after my two poems went online, the whole online publication got archived. Rejection is good because it pushes me to get better blah blah blah, although most of the time the rejections have nothing to do with the pieces submitted and everything to do with the high volume of submitters. For every writer who gets published online, there are hundreds maybe thousands more who deleted a rejection email from their inbox so they could pretend it never happened. And I'm tired of deleting those emails from my inbox, I just want to take a nap. They're not as motivating as I've been pretending they are. So, in the spirit of my previous self-published efforts (which proved too difficult to self-distribute), and to take a break from getting rejected, I'm going to stop submitting and just circulate pieces here via my personal newsletter. Otherwise they'll just sit in my google docs which is not what I write for, I write to share and I can't hoard my art like Vivian Maier even though I do admire that approach way more. To start, here is a poem l built out of some of the rejection emails:

just going to keep doing this until i die

we appreciate the chance to choose you
you are not chosen

we’re glad you thought of us
you are not for us

we appreciate the opportunity
to consider you
we can not use you

good luck
we’re passing
you were not selected
place yourself elsewhere
we wish you
the best of luck

In other news, I have launched another project: a concept shop that will feature artist collaborations one at a time until they sell out. The first product is a watch I designed (for watching all the hours of your anxiety) in an edition of 200 and photographed by Amanda Jasnowski. Follow the instagram to keep up on current and future releases.


And finally, here is a very good Sylvia Plath poem I just read in her collection Crossing the Water that really resonated with me: