Just another day at the office

Sent on Oct 8, 2018

Here are the first five CDs I owned and sang along with in my bedroom (ages 10-11). I just wanted to see what they all looked like together in an attempt to see myself explained, and I think yes, this explains a lot. I am very grateful for the year 1995.

This headline from 1910 is relatable and is also a very beautiful poem.


I saw it on a tumblr called yesterday's print which posts found headlines and photos from old newspaper archives. I think it shows us how we really haven't changed much even though we're in the future with flying cars and liquid food and instead of sending letters and opinions to The Editor about how depressed we are, we just tweet.

I recently read Debriefing, a collection of short stories by Susan Sontag, I found most of it not that interesting but did I really like this little vignette.


Ok and now for something by me:

just another day at the office

I pass a woman crying to herself and think, at least it’s not me, but also my time will come. The woman cries until the last of her body drips onto the sidewalk. The coworker who stopped answering her texts after a couple happy hours and a night in his apartment walks by. He notices the puddle and decides to stomp through it for fun because he likes a splash and his boots are waterproof.