Coping With Your Feelings

Go into a bathroom stall and cry then return and pretend nothing happened; Drink a soda; Buy some new clothes; Google Image Search things; Fill up your entire area with snacks; Hum the Jurassic Park theme song; Imagine what Tonya Harding's 500 hours of community service might have been like; Don't blame yourself; Splurge at Walgreens; Mark all 1000+ Unread emails in your inbox as Read; Stuff your wallet full of lettuce and offer to buy everyone lunch; Take a nap; Eat celery; Watch Celery Man; Write an open letter and post it to your anonymous web blog; Start an anonymous web blog; Do whatever you want; Make fart noises with your mouth in people’s faces; Hide all posts from all facebook users; Draw butts; Listen to Good Googly Moogly; Turn your shirt around and wear it backwards; Respond to all emails with either “cute” or “not cute”; Watch this waffle fall over; Make a video response to the waffle falling over; Wear a pair of sunglasses with casual indifference to societal expectations; Rewrite a plot to a movie by replacing all characters with computers; Drink a milkshake in bed; Flip off a security camera; Wear a hood; Say “hi” really nice and “bye” really mean; Go home early; Record your feelings; Listen to any sarcastic song about men and glare; Stare at a wall; Eat only foods that rhyme with fries and pies; Have a rootbeer float; Fall asleep whenever you want and say you have a condition; Send a text that reads “haha” without any context; While everyone around you wears headphones, whisper all your secrets; Tear some grass out of a lawn and throw it into the airSocial media doesn’t make you feel good; Take-out feeds your sadness more than it feeds you; Talk to your Netflix; Take a break to look at yourself in the mirror; Don’t move your arms; Draw your skeleton; Eat a bag of chips in the shower, don’t get them soggy; Lay in bed for 4 to 8 to 12 hours; Pick someone random to follow from a safe distance, make observations; Throw away some things; Delete your content.