An art collective of internet friends


Co-founded with Lynda Lucas; Co-run with Paul Windle; Members: Amanda Jasnowski, Chris Golden, Justin Fogle, Laurie Rollitt, Lydo Le, Naomi Kolsteren, Vincent Vrints, Ola Onda, Rand Renfrow, Taylor Johnson; Contributors: Carson Davis Brown, Debbie Carlos, Liam Kaczmar, Margherita Urbani, Nicole Lavelle, Nous Vous Collective, and Studio Fluit


Dream Gurls


A group show featuring new works and performances from a circle of internet friends. A collaboration with CCOOLL.

Amanda Jasnowski, Annie Wang, Cortney Cassidy, Emily Reile, Kelly Rakowski, Lydo Le, Lilian Martinez, Mel Nguyen, Nani Albornoz, Nicole Killian, Sara McGrath, Zoe Burnett

Sept 18, 2015
Silent Barn

song: Survival by Adult Mom


Poster Show


A risograph poster series with art by CCOOLL and co-released with Issue Press. Hosted by Huis Haas at Kornel in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Amanda Jasnowski, BFGF, Carson Davis Brown, Chris Golden, Cortney Cassidy, Debbie Carlos, Elevator Teeth, Laurie Rollitt, Liam Kazcmar, Lydo Le, Margherita Urbani, Nicole Lavelle, Nous Vous, Paul Windle, Rand Renfrow, Studio Fluit, Taylor Johnson.

flyer by Elevator Teeth


Muusic Videoo

A multimedia exhibition about music, videos, and music videos. 

892 Lorimer in Brooklyn, NY. 

Chris Golden, Cortney Cassidy, Elevator Teeth, Liam Kaczmar, Lydo Le, Lilian Martinez, Naomi Kolsteren, Ola Onda, Paul Windle, Rand Renfrow, Taylor Johnson, William Luz, and Margherita Urbani. 

With a performance by LA musician se lune



Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 9.41.55 PM.png

A pop-up shop in LA featuring the works of Paul Windle, Cortney Cassidy, Ola Onda, bfgf, Rand Renfrow, Taylor Johnson, Chris Golden, Amanda Jasnowski, Laurie Rollitt, Liam Kaczmar, & Lydo Le

Music set by Monster Rally

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 9.42.13 PM.png